Ce mai faceti?

Not knowing how to put the extra Romanian letters (there are five of them) on my English keyboard, I will have to make do with a rough approximation of “How are you?”  This literally translates to “What more you do?” – one of those confusing things about trying to capture the idioms of another language.  I have been working my way through a series of Romanian lessons during the last week; it has been enormously helpful to just listen to the way native speakers pronounce words.  There are a bunch of sounds – schwe, tsi, a very long and deep “ew” that you don’t hear very much or at all in English.  It has a lyrical cadence and musicality to it that makes it quite beautiful to listen to.  Of course, once I’m in Moldova and people are speaking a mile a minute it probably won’t seem so enjoyable.

It is marvelous having Facebook and blogs and email, I must say, as I already am acquainted with many of the current volunteers in country and have received a ton of information about packing and electronics and communications and traveling and food.  I’ve seen YouTube videos of volunteers’ housing and host families and been given a briefing on the Community Development work projects. It feels a bit like cheating, though.  Nothing like the experience of a PCV who signed up ten or twenty years ago, I’m sure, when you got on a plane with little to no idea of where you were headed or what your life would be like for the next 27 months.

I’m starting to add some current Peace Corps blogs I’m following under my “links” heading.  Many of them are quite funny and very informative about life in Moldova.  It doesn’t look all that different from here, actually.  Certainly not as depressed or poor as places I visited in Central or South America.  I do understand it gets very, very cold though.  Anyone have good brands of raingear or winter coats to recommend?

2 thoughts on “Ce mai faceti?

  1. Actual fur coats are amazing in the cold (in my experience.). I am not a fan of killing unsuspecting animals for this purpose – but buying them second hand is an option.
    They can get heavy though. Many outlets (REI for instance) that sell cold weather clothes rate it for what kind of coldness it is suited for. Down jackets add a nice insulating layer of course and they are light.


  2. I like the second hand idea. Everyone I’m communicating with in country says that luggage weight will be my most prevelant obstacle in packing enough winter clothes. Since I’m arriving in summertime, I may package everything and have it mailed to me in September. You lived in the cold for many years – any tips on must-haves to keep warm?


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