Destination: Moldova!

On Wednesday morning, I woke up and somehow just knew: Today is the day! I actually posted some musings on the topic before making the drive to my parents house – my “official” Peace Corps address.  Little bro wanted some help with a resume and I might as well make myself available for news to find me.  Around 3:00, my dad called up the stairs: Your package is here!  And everyone in the house – parents, grandmother, two brothers (and Zoe the dog) gathered round as I slid the paperwork out of the UPS envelope…..MOLDOVA!!!

That I am going to Moldova is another element in a long string of coincidences and serendipity that have trailed me since deciding to enter the Peace Corps.  My initial meeting was with a delightful recruiter who had served his two years in that country.  When I related this to my husband, he immediately locked onto the name – liking the way it rolls off the tongue while still conveying the mystery of a former Soviet state.  From that point on whenever I speculated about my country assignment, he always maintained that I was going to Moldova.  So I have a psychological – if not actual – familiarity with the country that leaves me not the least bit apprehensive about my departure.

Now I am faced with a daunting number of tasks to cross of my list: new passport, additional writing assignments, final health appointments, new wardrobe (I’m not living in sunny SoCal no more!) gathering personal effects, obtaining good luggage, granting Power of Attorney (doesn’t that sound official), transferring voting registration, etc. I can’t imagine being able to plan and pack effectively while trying to work full-time or complete finals for school – I am so lucky to have this time to focus.

4 thoughts on “Destination: Moldova!

  1. I love the way you walk in faith that each item on your list will resolve itself when it is time. And your thankfulness at the synchronous guidance in your life is delightful! Thank you!


    1. Hello Justin! Yay, I’m going to know someone! I’m actually going to work in Community Organization Development, though they had originally assigned me to Youth Development. Where are you from? I’m in California, I’m 50 years old (joining the PC is my mid-life crisis,) am married – though my husband is not accompanying me. I worked for 20 years in a non-profit that served severely emotionally disturbed children and their families. I’ve been following the blogs of some of the current PCVs in Moldova. So far everyone is young, young, young, so I guess I’ll be the token mother of the group…


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