Notions & Potions (updated as of 5/24)

 My recent trip home (5/11 – 5/16) afforded me the opportunity to stock up on many of the items I craved.  However, my suitcase was only so big…there are still some little things….

If you’re ever feeling the largesse and want to make someone REALLY happy, these are the little things I dream about finding in a package from the States

  • Good coffee – I have a grinder again so whole beans are fine!
  • Packets (not cans – too heavy) of tuna in water
  • Dried soup mixes
  • Dry beans – any kinkd. Beans here are full of rocks and bugs.
  • Amaranth, quinoa, barley, farro, bulgur, brown rice
  • Jerkey – turkey, beef, sheep, I don’t care!  Spicy, teriyaki, pepper – all good!
  • Ranch dressing packets
  • Rice vinegar (seasoned)
  • Dried fruit (preferably with no added sugar but I’m not going to be picky)
  • Any kind of nuts
  • Sweet & salty anything
  • AAA batteries
  • Perfumed oils, balms, or lotions
  • Incense
  • Incense
  • Incense 😉
  • Surprise me!

Be aware that the cost to mail from the west coast varies somewhere between $8-10 per pound.  Little things are just as welcome as heavier packages. A typical package arrives here in 6-8 weeks. And I only include this list because people have asked – your prayers, comments and emails are appreciated even more!

Yvette Hill PCV M27
12 Strada Grigore Ureche
Chișinău, 2001
Republic of Moldova
Pack tightly, tape really well, and write IN BIG LETTERS all over the box: Dumnezeu Te Vede.  
This (most times) prevents a tempted postal employee from absconding with the package.  DO NOT indicate anything about the Peace Corps on the box or in my address.  This delays it from being delivered for several weeks.

A BIG THANKS goes out to those of you who have already sent packages.

You’ve lifted me up on dark days in ways you can’t begin to imagine.


One thought on “Notions & Potions (updated as of 5/24)

  1. I’m at USPS in Carmed CALIFORNIA to send you something and the postman doesn’t know where Moldova is, it’s not in his computer and all he’ll say is “It’s not in there.”

    Me: She gets mail from California…Yes, at that address…well, what do you do when you don’t know the place?”

    Postman: “I don’t do anything.” A chubby hand indicates if it’s not “in there,” it’s nowhere reachable.

    My face is tightening and feels like it’s keeping some loudish profanity from spoiling the atmosphere. Bah.


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