Fast Friends really fast

Community Development PSTs in Stauceni

From left to right: Warren, Leslie, Jan, Yvette, Roberto, Georgia, Patty, Quinn (Robyn taking photo.)

It’s amazing how close you get in just eight weeks. We will all be departing to different locations spread across Moldova on Friday.  I am going to miss having them around.  The worries, anxieties, complaining, support, laughter, tears and beers we’ve shared will stay with me for a long, long time.

Thanks you guys!

Roberto, Robyn, Warren, Leslie, Yvette, Jan, Olga, Diana, Quinn, Rodica, Georgia, Patty

Celebrating Georgia’s mama gazda ei zi de nastere (Olga’s birthday) last week.


5 thoughts on “Fast Friends really fast

    1. What a great looking group! Struggles definitely bring people together…fast! YOu look gorgeous…you are missed!


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