Beautiful Storm!

So last night I got to experience my first Moldovan thunder storm – boy was I impressed!  There are volunteers here from the north and mid-west that shrugged it off as nothing, but I am not used to such sky theatrics being from Southern California.  I went out on the second floor porch with Nina as the storm was gathering and tried to get video of the sound of the wind rushing through the trees – only partially successful.  But you can definitely hear the excitement in my voice at the prospect of rain and wind and cooler temperatures after enduring weeks of sweltering heat.  Towards the end of the video I follow Nina going down the stairs and perhaps you can get a sense of how insanely steep the descent is.  The steps are stone and I can’t imagine going down them in winter when they are covered in snow and ice (I guess it’s a good thing I won’t be here.)

So this video shows the actual storm itself.  Doesn’t come anywhere near capturing the intensity of the thunder and rain.  It was literally a deluge.  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that Nina was switching the overhead light off and on for some wierd reason.  It was actually the lightenting, which was striking every two seconds and illuminating my whole room.  The thunder would roll from one side of the sky to another in huge, meladromatic crescendos that sounded as if heavenly horseman were pursuing their prey through the billowing clouds.  I couldn’t go back to sleep it was so exciting.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it on video.

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