Sunday in Orhei

Biserica Catolica – Orhei

I’ve been so busy (and anxious) this week waiting for site announcements and preparing for our language check-in today, that I have not posted any  pictures from my recent excursion to Orhei with Warren and Georgia.  They both attend the Catholic Church (Biserica Catolica) in Stauceni on Sundays and have made good friends with the young Fijian priest who is serving there.  In fact, our COD group will be conducting a youth activity with some kids from the church at the end of July (more on that later.)

Sunflower field

The priest is having to fill in for the father in Orhei who is off on vacation.  So we all three, along with Georgia’s host mom Olga, drove into Orhei last Sunday for services.  It was quite beautiful listening to the mass in Romanian.  I could just sit back and enjoy the musicality of it without analyzing the message.  We passed the sunflower field on the way and pulled over to take pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday in Orhei

  1. you have never looked more beautiful…Moldova colors you well! What an amazing place. I am so excited about your assignment. God is still speaking allright! I will start sending things to share witht the children too! And you know Avon is my favorite…timeless has my colonge since it came out and there is nothing like their skin so soft products! Go Nina and indoor plumbing :)! Love you!


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